All one needs to know...

Your hosts

you will by hosted by Tomas and Kinga or by someone who is helping them with management of homestead. We desire to secure your peaceful stay possibly to secure some interesting activities if traditional tranquil stay would not suit to you.

Activities offered:

- Horse riding
- Off road ride
- Wildlife watching
- Quad rent, one for adults, one for children
- Bath tub
- Forestry pedagogy - various educational programs about local foresta fauna and flora under supervision licensed forestry educationist
- practical training of first aid for adults and children
- outdoor cinema

Prices of these activities we establish with you upon agreement on the spot

Family oriented stays

We prefer families with children to stay with us. We also welcome company teambuilding or other company stays. We can also accommodate couples looking for romantic stays. We are not against meeting of young people but noisy parties are not very suitable to this place. We want to respect tranquility and peace of Beskyd area. Singing, music and fun in reasonable range (not  too noisy) are very welcomed here of course.   Your good mood is our good mood too!!!

Weddings, anniversaries, company teambuildings

Although we concentrate on property renting, we can also organize small romantic weddings in the mountains, anniversary celebrations or small company teambuilding. We arrange transport , meals and program for groups which dream about special experiences in the mountains. Our space here on the ridge of Beskyd is limited so maximum number of persons for event is 30  (15 could stay overnight).

Who you can also find here?

Your attention will be certainly drawn by animal members of our household who accompany you mostly quietly - sometimes our dogs can not  help their urge of barking :) . We have dear horses who decided to leave busy ranches full of people, two dogs who we adopted from dog's refuge home and a cat who we found on the street when it was still just little kitty. These animals enjoy fresh air and good old free life here on the Beskyd hill.

Choose your tree !

Just here, on the beautiful ridge of Beskids you have unique opportunity to choose your brother tree. You can use your own imagination and chose your tree accidentally during forest stroll or by targeted way. This is in your hands which tree you will choose to become your brother.   By this idea we want to show that we highly respect lovers of this region and this is the way we want to express our  gratefulness. 

Where you can go?

For hikers

 Bobek hill-  800 m
 Hluchanka Pass- 4,3 km
Mountain hotel Kmínek  -7,2 km
Bumbálka Pass - 10,5 km
Konečná Pass -3,3 km
Chalet Doroťanka  - 6,8

Settlement Biely Kríž (White cross) - 9,6 km

In close distance

Turzovka town - 11,5 km
Holy place Živčáková  - 8 km
Natural oil spring Korňa  - 7,5 km
Bílá village - 7 km
Rožňov town - 33 km
Ostravice town- 22 km