How you find us?

You can find us in hidden gem of northwest Slovakia - hilly village Korňa

The road to us is specific, beautiful an little adventurous for someone, but simply - usually such are the roads to the Robinson places :)

To get to us could be a small adventure in own car or great experience in our Polish army vehicle Tarpan Honker


How you can find us ? Please, ignore Google maps route all the way to us and use Google maps only to get to Korna village. From Korna village use route description from our website. Google maps could lead you to one barely passable section of dirty  forest  road, so please use our route description and our signs which safely brings you all the way to us. If adrenaline in your own vehicle is not what you want to find here , we highly recommend that you use transport provided by Panorama Ranch.

In Turzovka town - in Predmier suberb, turn towards Korna village .

 After roughly 4,5 km drive through lower Korna village just after Municipal hall and Fire station you will arrive on Y - intersection . Here you bear right on the main road and carry another roughly 2 km. Just before old school building you must turn left to narrow forest road called "U Ďurajčíkov". Here you start climbing up hill on the rough bitumen road for roughly 1,2 km.

Road from main road of Korna village is marked by direction signs - orange squares with our logo (picture of reindeer + letters PR ).

The bitumen-gravel road terminates after 1,2 km from main road. Here the roads sharply twists to the right curve and becomes gravel - dirt forest road. Drive even more carefully here and carry on straight forward uphill for roughly 2 km. Please, do not turn anywhere, neither to the right nor to the left. After roughly 2 km you arrive to the Beskid settlement which consist 7 houses. Drive through the settlement and carry on another 300 meters. Here you will already be able to see chalet Beskyd and cabin Slivka. After the last house of settlement , dirt road splits in two or even three so called roads. Probably best way is to stay on very left one . (it depends on weather which of the three paths are the best) . The very right option is quite welcoming but it ends by rocky section where low cars could run into some problems.  

We are also accessible from Czech side from Bíla village (small ski resort) But from here access for the car without special permit is denied. If you have it or you are not afraid of little bit of risk, you must turn from main Bíla village road towards property called "Zámeček" or towards small local ZOO. You will see chalet Zameček (the small Castle) and ZOO  both on left side of nice bitumen forest road. After ZOO parking you drive roughly 1,5 km straight forward. You will pass Smradulka Spring ( smelly mineral water - which you can easily smell on left side with your window open :). After another roughly 100 meters you will arrive to the intersection with kind of triangle refuge in the middle of intersection. Here you turn left and start driving uphill.   On the next Y-intersection stay to the left, pass through Kavalcanky settlement an carry on 2 km through beautiful high forest. Then you arrive on Czech - Slovak border and nice bitumen forest road terminates here. Very rough gravel - rocky - dirt road starts here. turn left from bitumen road but after 20 meters do not turn left again but carry on straight towards Bobek settlement, pass it and after worst and quite steep rocky part you arrive on  nice view point from where you can see both Czech and Slovak part of Beskids.  From here turn right stay on the border dirt road and after 800 meters you will arrive to Panorama Ranch. It is possible to drive small car from the end of bitumen road ( it is 1,3, km) but we have to warn you that this part is very rough one and we recommend to park your car at the end of bitumen road and use our transport from there . 

As mentioned above there is an option of transport with driver in our off road cars Tarpan Honker ( Polish army car ) or Nissan Navarra. There is a small additional fee for this transport on which we can agree before your arrival. The traveling by our off road cars could by your first exiting experience while visiting Panorama Ranch. This option we recommend mainly in winter months.