PANORAMA RANCH on  Beskyd hill

"Mountains were created by God to make a man happy. To make him happy in simple, original and deeply truthful way. Mountains never mislead and never disapoint ."   Romano Cornuto, God on my journeys

Homestead  is just below the highest point of Korňa village -  The Beskyd hill - in quiet location surrounded by tranquil nature in the middle of Moravian Silesian Beskids. Panorama Ranch offers specific services to its visitors including unique panoramic view in absolute privacy without disturbing movement of tourists and without feelings of narrowness. The property is determined for limited group of people which looks for  experience in different area than is common nowadays and prefers stays in Robinson style. Panorama ranch breaths by independency and freedom and is ready to hand out its life energy an calmness to its visitors. That is why we have decided to share this barely descriable feeling with people who are dreaming about their own island and are not afraid that this place would grow close to their hearts.  The stay in this place is highly specific , barely comparable with standard cottage stay. Besides its own genuine aura it causes that a man who loves nature, leaves piece of his heart here.  The Beskyd hill never forgets its visitors who helped to create his story. Every visitor is allowed to  choose his tree here during his stay. The tree will by marked and visitors will receive certificate about brotherhood with the tree.  

No more words needed. Nothing is more than feeling itself...